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3 &&p3 thursday, january 3&1st -3 3 dde to an area- 3 wide ppwer outage in ecil -3 counny... lktoo igh schooo, be closed today. p3
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3 33 33 3 3 &p
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3 && e are conninuing toofollow a ddvellping story this & morning... oot of est fire on norrh rosedale & avenue... leaves one peeson dead and sends another toothe hospittl. &hospital.joel d. smitt is live at the sceee now... with the & latest.good morniigg joel. & 3 ic: seeeral oo us c: did what do 3 33
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,3 p3 3we escaped heavy damage from the storm last iggt hhre ii road.. other parts f mmayland weren't as uuky. luccy.look attthis incredible
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video... recently into our darnesttwn... in ontgomery cca see a car just - completely submmrged under - floor waters.fiiefighters hhd to rrscue the peeppe inssde. luickill no one wws hurt. the motherrof one of the boys chargeedin the death of a 11 3 today.veronicc alforddis - scheduled to be arraigned jjst - anotterrboy... are charged pwthh nvoluntary manslaughter turnage was ffund shot to -3 death in n alley and buried 3 is ccused of helping her son... idd the booyyin the alley.-3 3 today, a judge is expected to decide whether the teenager -3 accused of shooting a fellow perry hall high ssudent will -3 stand triallin adult court... or juvenile court. ...psychiatristt descrrbbd 15-- year old roberttgladden.... as a deprresed suicidall peenager whoowould often cut himself addhide thh wounns. 3&pnext monnt for the attempted -3&&pmurder
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of dannel owery who pas shot on the first day f & school.ddfenss attornees mmintain gladden needd iitense psychiatric trrattmnt. -&pand they want himmto be ried as a juveeile. 3 sttnniig developmentssin the ppylicia barnns ttiaal.n aquaintance f michael -3 johhsoo... testifies hh saw tth girl's body in joonson's - already servvig time.. says johnson caalee him .. aaking barnes' bodyyjohhson is -3 murder.mccray ssys.. hh din't help moveethe bbdy. 3 new photos are emergiig... of casey anthony. anthony.onee hows theeflorida woman... reading on the beach. the othee shows aathony with her leggl team.the photos were - ootaiiee by "k-p-h--"... a &ppocal neww stationn.. which ccnducted one of the first few interviews with anthony... & since eing acquitted of daughter's deaah..nttonn pooee out about her deccsion to -3&pdeclare bankruptcyy.. saying it's tte nxt step towardd plosure..- lindsay lohan wwll get a new lawyer... or her upcoming
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triaa.the ddcision was approved weddesday... by caaifornia judge.lohan is accused of ying to a police -3 officer about a 2012 car accidenn. that charge... plus - be ffund in violation of her &plohan coold be eaaed back tt 3 245 days f hee suspended sentence from a previous & shoplifting cooviction.. looan's rial is see to eginn-33&pin marrh. & singer rihanna conffrms.. she & an iiterview ithh &pmore important for her too e happy....rather than isten o public pinion.the ouple's & reccnccliation omes aftee broon aasaulted her before the 2009 grammy'sshe's currrntll rolling tooe hiit stands &ptomorrow. 3& eyonce is gettinggreadd to & face the media today... for the first ttmm since her lip & synching ontrovvrsy at thhe presidenniil inaaguuation.thh sspersttr.. who is headliiing the superbowl halftime show... ááisáá expected to ddress thee
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incidenttat presssconference today.beyonce will be in new orleans tooaddrees the press... and could possibly -3 give the media a sneak peek at her halftime performannc. 3 what do yu get hhe ou mmx beyonce... with the rrvenn? just ttke a listen ttowhat onn ffn groou came up with... in a - new vidde posted to youtube. yyouube.all the ravenn ladies 3atss- 3 &3 we have you
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3 3 -&p,3 we hhve you covverd on our websiie... all the way leading up o superrbowl -3 suuday.head toofox baltimore & dot com and lick n the the top of thh screennyou'lll sse interviews with the & players... stories on the 3 linkk to other upee bowll reeated sitessyou caa also clickkoo "harbaugh versus - harbaugh" o find a page -33 dedicateddto super bowl 47..t has all the inffomation leadinn up to this sunday's -game... and faccs on alll46 -33 py going to fox baatimore dot 3& 3 see the hottest new cars.. motor trrnd interrational auuo -3 show is commng to the baattmore convention centtr february 7th-10th. & 7thh11th.the 4th and 5th 410-448-4445 in a amily 4 -3 toofooballimore dot com forr commlete contest rules. 3 ccmiig up....
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-3 3 we're rolliig ooer the ackpot 3 hour..ourrccance to wii á200á dollars in oor free-bru-aay giveaaay is coming up sometime - in the nnxt 20 minntess 3 you're watchiig fox 45 ood & day baltimore. 33 ((bump out)) 3 ((break 1)) p,
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3 33 our hometoww team is innthe 3 over bbllimooe are oing purple. purple.emmly graccy is ive at a bakeey in towson ttaa'' trying to feed fans' desire ravens. you can visit la 3yoo can visit la
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3 caaeeie on west chespeakee aaeeue in towson from monnay &pthrough aturday.for more iiformation go to oor website &foxbaltimore dot com ssash morniig. 3 coming p... two travelers are arrested...
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& por tryiig to smuggle in ááuct taae diapersáá.. filled with tippee them ff tooauthhrities. 3 ann we're rolling oovrrtth packpot from our ass houur &pyour chance tt win á200á giieaway is coomng uu sometimee in the nexx 100minutts. yu're waaccing foo 45 gooo day baltimorr. ((break 2))
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join us again this year “jesus christ is my lord and savior.” “preach the gospel at all times if necessary use words. for inspiring stories “his grace and his mercy, there's nothing better.” “follow your dream. follow what god has put in your heart.” “that's what jesus wants, is our heart.” from the teams of superbowl 47 “always remember to give god all the praise, glory and honor.” on the 700 club, thursday. ,3 p3 3 3 3
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3 -
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3 3 it's our free-bru- 3 it's our free-bru-aryygiveaway! an hour. &phour. 3 dollars an hour.& hour.givvng away 100- 3 dollarssan hour. &phour.óóóóóó you have 30 3 minutes to call us at the - your prize rolls ovvr into the pext hour for someone elle to wwn!
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win!to get your name in the box.. go to faccbook dot com out the can also go -3 there to read complete contest rules..--3 3&pcoming up... & 3 paa losee ttention... to how pou leep.what he position &&pyou lay in... says about your pprsonality. 3& he was oo all our's aad was jjst sttriig at me and ii thought, she'' missing something. something.but next... a stray dog... leadssone faaily on a search.the miraculoos - dissovery they maae... in a &pnearby field. yoo're watching - ffx 44 mooning nnws.. aal local.. all morning. you're watccing fox 45 good day baltimmrr. p3 ((brea
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p3& a doo shows herr 3 unconditional love for herr puppies... bbyrrskiig hhr life to reunite with them. them.thii morninn lia steinberg... has the &ppearttarmiig story. ptooy. when ttis border collie mii -3&was found roaming the streets near taft watkins amill notice her sickly figure.she was just starving and skin and -3bone.they ssw feaarin coaxed her into their caa o take her home ann giie meal. nikki jo watkiis named her she wass & and very ccmfortableewhee she slept, very as the -3 nniht sooething wwsn'ttright. &pwas just staring at me missiig somethinn.standup - when gypsyy escaped the next mmrning, thee had no iida that seven puppies weeeealso missing. sccured the 3 phen theyyfound her that daa. & hear that, e got realll quuit - jackett moviin or anything and it was just the faintess pittte sure enough, all seven doos were holl with tumble peedd n op to keep thee bbndled thhm in her jacket and reunited with she immediately them ssart nursinggand did she kinda puu her heaa on mm hand and ook a eep breath andd a simple ttank you ffom a devotee motherralways remember. &psse conttnuee o strrve for purviiaa and for life and shh wantt o giie
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3 3 up onnhhr eether.and i didn'tt want to ive and shh didn't - give up for survival and for life ,3 anddshe didnnt give uu and i didn't want to ivv up on her pitter. the labrador retrievve tops this ear's list... of the - most popular dog in the u-s.
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phat's accordingg oothe aamrican kennel cllb. says that 22-12 mmrked &pthe á22-nd consecuuive yeará &pthat the lab has opped the list... tying it withhthe poodle for the longest reign 3&pshephhrd's earrnd second place on the list... follooed by the golden retrievvr, the beagle and the bulldog. p33 pcmmng upp.. 3 phoosands offtoyota cars are being recalled today. &ppoday.the problem thht's led -3 tt attleast 2 crashhs... and you're watching ffx 45 good day baltimmre. 3 ((break 4)
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3 3 -3 3 -3 3 3 3 &p3 -3 3
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3 &&p 3 &p3- &p3 3 - 3 & 3- 3 3 & 3 3
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3 we are ontinuinn o follow a peveloping story ttis porning... out of soothwest baltimore..n early mornnng & aaenue... leaves ne person pead and endssanother to the ossital..-&platest.good morningg joel. 3 -33 3
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3& a recall ttday... involving thoussnds of oyota vehicles. vvhicles.thoussnds of today... iivolving a recalll 3 leon panetta.hagel to succeed president barack secretary. defense secretary. president to ssrve as the first enlisted -3 hagel would be if confirmed... nuclear weapons. issael... ran and past commennsson his party wwo havv his paatyywho have will face -3 criiics in frommnebraska term senator secretary.defensee nomination or committee holls a ssrvices ommmttee holds a hearing onnhis nomination for defense seccetary. thee 3 chhllenggd his past ccmments on isrrel... iran nn i comments onnchaalenged his his party who have ill face crittcc in term senator the former two-secretary. 3 a serrices the senate armed be testtfying later repubbican 3 3-& 3 joel. 3 3
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3- right now epubliian chuck hhgel is testifying as the ssnatt armed services his nomination ffr defense pecretary. the formmr tww- &pterm senator from nebraskk &pwill face crittcs n hissparty -3 comments on srael... iran and -nncllar weapons. if the first enlisted maa tt psrve as defense secretary. 3 hagel to sscceed leon panetta. a reeall today... &piivolvinn thousands of toyota vehicles. vehhclee..he auto ccmpany is
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reporting n airbag cootrrl issue... affecting more than 770-thousaad corolla and &pcorolla mmtrix carsstheerecall affectt thooe modell solddin 2003 and's alsoo -33 sold betweenn2006 and 2012.... because of a windshieeddwwper ssys the problems hhveeled to at least 2 craahee. p3 two women are appprhended a "j-f-k" airportt.. forr &psmuggllng cccaine in duct tapp diapers.they were flying in from the dominicaa republii... when a "k-99 responded o one suspeet's midsection... aad authorities noticed the othhr suspect hhd a weird walk.thee women were carryiig ooer threee - kiios of cocainee 3 it's ssip selectionnnnght... for seniors at the naval pcademy.about 250 seniors will -3 choose their first 3 ceremony in annapolls. the pnnuallceremony... whicc iss not open to thh public... is a bbg milestone for midshipmee peeooe they join he fleet. scientists attcolorado state
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university ae looking at ways... for dogg to live longer. ponger.dennerr cothey're conducting a study... using ggolen etrieverss.. to reviiw canineehealth. it's the pargest and longess ever been done on ddgs.golden prevalent in the breee. pscientists hope the studyy piill elp identify risk & factoos of cancer in hhmans aa wwll. - 3& theeway yyo sleep....mayyssyy-3 something about youu &ppersonality.that's aacorddng & to a new sttdy published in 3&pon your stomacc... yoouare more extroverted and tend to take ccrticism mmre perrooalll. if you sleep in the fetus are exterrorrbut is more sensitive witt yyur armm aboveeyour -3 good listener and good frieed. yoor side withhboth armss pointing straight downnard... you are vvry trussing... in & facc, áttoá trrsting. you aaee -3 may beeeasy to fool.
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coming up... 3 a traffic jam... unlike any other. other.the two bizarre events... hht caused a mess offa commute for some caaifornia drivers. 3 you're watching fox &p45 good dayybaltimore. 3((breek 5)) 3 ((toss to weather))
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((ad lib - coming upp.. 3if you're name is coming up... 3 3 meeeorooogist)) 3 coming up... if you're name is sherniece smith... yoouhave less than 11 3 your 2-hundred ddllar prize..-& riie.if you don't call.. that prize will be rolled over until tomorrow morning... for onn lucky viewier to getta you're watching 3 fox 45 good dayybaltimore. 3 ((break 66)
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3 3 it's thh uutimmte way to &pexxress your wedding style.the ccke.but you don't haveeto o
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lltest sttle.bryan crystal ffom sugarbakers jjins us this morning with some tips on getting the most from your budget.- riccs oints- petting the best
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33 bbuget- yyu're doing the cake pfor our weddiig in a weee 3 to leaan more about sugarr bbkkrs.. go to sugar bakers p3 po enter.. tell us in a hundred wordd oo lessswhy ou phould win.send your entty to "wedding in a weekk.. 2000 westt41st street iin baltimore.. 21211... & 3 orrlog ontoofoxbaltiiore dot com tt enter... be sure to 3 include a hoto with your entry! ennryyit's all bbought to you -3 by the bbltimore bridal show -at the ballimore conventioo center february 2nd aad 3rr.
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3& cominn uup.. mayhem... on one highwaa.enginn revving nats -3 natsthe 2 bizarre events... that caused ttaafic to bacc up. you're watching
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often intense... but thhy were &pofttn intense... but reeways are california's california's but they were ownright razy -3 this past eekend on two occasions.
9:51 am jeaann moos explains... justtblame it on llve and donuts. -3 donutt..- 3 getting stuck in a traffic jam &pis baddenough, but how about 3 some idiits areedoing you'd be more unddrstanding if came to a halltbeeaaseea coupll hundred bikers buddy get down on one biker - girlffiend.(nats) "man, did anybody roll past aad ccrse at &pyou guys?" "noo" "mmn, i seriouuly o'ed over that one, half a dooen cars ssarted doing donuts in 888 freeway in oakland.(stand-up) "so while upptraffic, stunts like these are ooer so quickly that 3 took this viieo ffrm the she pas orried."i thought he waa &pgonna ome over on our side of the freeway."the caliiornia &phighway ptrol ecipher license ppates and is asking the puulic to helppidentify features that stick out - liie liitle harddr to get mad at a guy who arranges for ppnk smooe to tire as e propooes to his girl on the 10 paige hernnndez juss thooght she as going on a her oyfriend 3 threeehundred other 33&ppower 106 radio."when he got off and that's when i was confused." ""hen i saw him reachhffr his pocket,,i aareaay knnw what was and who 3 pnd her famiiy up on the in - lees than twoominutee, te -proposal was over... nn once it... they must be a very & incoonenience the rest f the -3 but whee you hijack aait n youtube, you ay not get off the freewwy scott "llt me ask you this, man. have the authooities got in contact '''cause you're definitely going to jaill.ssill, thhse -3revving engines aphrodisiac.
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3 3 new york.jeanne moos, cnn, pphrrdisiac.
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3 jeanne moos, cnn, ew ork. 3&pcooing upp... ,3 we've got yyur ickets....too call... ánext.áyouure watching fox 45 good ddy altimore.
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speed limii in &&pmaryland.whh wants toodo it aad why thee say its a good idea..on foxx45 ews at
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3 phe maggi of isneyy.. comes to life nnthe ice! ice!diisey on icee. reasure trove... is the tale f rapunzel as she enters the porld of all yoor other princesses.disney onnice mariner arena february 6th-10th. 6th-10th.tte 10th caller righh &pnow at 410-481-4545 wiis a the ssow! & áá7 dy forrccasáá
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3 3 -8 and 9 am inners did nott call inn.. so prize rolls over &ptootomorrow- hot at 300--- dollars... starting att5aam--3
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